Student's View

Gaurav Hang Lawati

"NCA provides the opportunity to meet excellent professors and build a network while studying in the heart of Kathmandu. I keep a great memory of the classes and of the atmosphere amongst students. I would recommend it to any student looking for a good professional qualification."

Rojer Dangol

"My experience at NCA was beneficial to me. Indeed, the knowledge I gained there was both theoretical and practical transmitted by lecturers who are expert in tehir field and who prep d me perfectly to the business world."

Jeevan Bahadur Thapa

"The qualification I received at NCA has helped me a lot to first of all give me an orientation of what I would like to do and secondly, the practical approach NCA follows, provided me with valuable information helping me every day in my professional career."

Reeja Tuladhar

"The NCA faculties link theory and practice by illustrating their courses with examples from their own professional experience. This learning method prepared me for working life, to quickly become professional at the end of my studies."

Sujan Shrestha

"Studying at NCA brought an added value to my professional life. The courses were very interesting and the faculties were highly qualified. The smalla size of the classes allowed the use of better learning methods, which also implied a better atmosphere."

Jenu Prajapati

"NCA has provided me with the tools necessary to face professional life. Notitons learnt in class are realistic anad close to the requiremnts of the business market. Yoday I am proud and entirely satisfied to have been a pasrt of a college such as NCA."

Anish Maharjan

"My ACCA qualifications gave me the opportunity to put myself in the forefront dealing with our daily business issues. Yoday I have the overall view I always wanted. We all agree that we learnt new skills and approaches to use in our different organizations."

Siezan Shrestha

"The syllabus of the ACCA program was reallly exciting and challenging at the same time. The new teaching environment with all the modern facilities was very attractive as well. The faculties academic and professional experience was really inspiring. The different activities organized by NCA were much appreciated by the students."