The concept of ACCA in Nepal started to develop from the year 2004, after the establishment of NCA College of Management by the group of ACCA holders. The agenda of its formation was to release international standard, globally accepted education.

The study aims to cover a wider range of finance and business management. The course is the inclusion of technical subjects such as cost accounting, financial reporting and of theoretical subjects like ethics, strategic business leaders.

The qualification holds higher prestige, and offer flexibility, comprehensiveness, affordability, worldwide recognition, and professional status. At the same time, it’s supportive. It has study options; hence, the working students can properly balance study and work. The examination is held twice a year, June and December.

Students can appear for a maximum of four papers in a single attempt. They can also skip it and appear on the following attempt. ACCA gives the entire freedom to complete the papers within 10 years from the date of registration.

The course is framed under three components; skill, knowledge, and professional level paper. After completing a total of 14 papers, with 36 months of intensive practical training to become a valid member of ACCA.

Further, ACCA holds higher relevancy to every sector of finance and accountancy. It willingly opens the door for the ACCA members to work in different industries under several roles. By the end of the study, the course assures affiliates, students, and members with the right kind of competence, skills, and ethics.

According to the ACCA global 79% of the employers state that ACCA’s are the full set skill asset to their successful business. ACCA uniquely supports the organization in developing financial ability. Its truly a global accountancy body with members over 173 countries.

ACCA course recommends students to take regular classes for securing good marks and clearing it in a single attempt.