NCA College of Management, operates Bachelor in Business Studies (BBS), under Kathmandu Merryland College, Battisputali, Kathmandu. The college offers ACCA and BBS programs. Students seeking to educate themselves in professional competency courses can also attain their graduation program without any hindrance.

BBS is an undergraduate course in Management encompassing strong foundation in the areas of applied business. The course is structured to highlight the significance and appreciation of the organization and management.

The graduate program combines the elements of organizational studies, accountancy, finance, business management, finance, and marketing. The entire 4-year course designed by Tribhuvan University facilitates the combination of practical work experience and academic knowledge.

The objective of this course is to train students into becoming competent managers, and fluently grasp the critical, analytical and innovative decision-making ability.

Course Structure of BBS

The Faculty of Management (FOM) identifies the requirement of in-depth academic for graduation. Therefore, the undergraduate degree creates an opportunity to concentrate in areas of specialization such as finance, accounting, marketing, human resource management.

The full marks of the course in each year is a total of 500. The first-year program builds a foundation in students to prepare them to comprehend business concepts, theories, and practices.

The second year of the BBS program emphasizes the basic concepts, tools, and understanding of the core and foundation subjects.

The third-year program incorporates basic concept, tools, and fundamental of business studies. The course covers a broader area of business studies. While the final fourth-year emphasize on the functional and concentration area.

First year Second year Third year Fourth year
Business English

(MGT 201)

Business Communication

(MGT 205)

Business Law

(MGT 204)

Entrepreneurship and Enterprise development

(MGT 220)

Business Statistics

(MGT 202)


(MGT 206)

Fundamentals of Financial Management

(MGT 215)

Concentration I

Concentration II


(MGT 203)

Cost and Management Accounting

(MGT 212)

Business Environment and Strategy

(MGT 217)

Concentration III
Accounting for Financial Analysis

(MGT 211)

Fundamentals of Marketing

(MGT 214)

Taxation and Auditing

(MGT 218)

Business Research Methods

(MGT 221)

Principles of Management

(MGT 213)

Foundations of Human Resource Management

(MGT 216)

Organization Behavior

(MGT 219)

Final Project Work

(MGT 401)

Note: Final report of the project work should be submitted as per the prescribed format of Faculty of Management (FOM), TU, and should be submitted to the college for final evaluation. The project shall be evaluated by the internal and external examiner appointed by the office of the Controller of Examinations (TU).

Admission requirements for BBS

The minimum requirement for enrolling in 4-years BBS program are as follows;

  • Must have completed 10+2 in science/management or equivalent.
  • Students besides, management faculty must have studied Mathematics or Economics as a full paper in 10+2 or equivalent.
  • Must have studied English as a full paper at the intermediate level.
  • Must submit their transcripts, academic mark sheets, character certificate, and migration certificate.

The grading system of BBS

The grading system in the annual examinations are as follows;

  • Distinction – 75 per cent & above
  • First Division – 60 percent above
  • Second Division – 45 percent above
  • Third Division – 35 percent above

Why BBS with ACCA?

  • Better employment opportunities. A lucrative career option is present for those who have completed ACCA with BBS course.
  • Students acquire management skills at an early age. It makes them understand the International standards and the on-going practice in Nepalese culture, and frame strategy to professional bridge those gaps.
  • Develops tactical, analytical and critical skills.
  • The 4 years course would grow a holistic approach to management.
  • Benefits of attractive salary package at the time of commencement.
  • If a student desire to study an MBA or any other Master programs, even after ACCA, can easily get themselves enrolled.

Why choose NCA for ACCA with BBS?

  • The classes for ACCA and BBS are operated simultaneously so with a professional degree student can complete their graduate program as well.
  • As the ACCA course is of International standard, students are trained likewise, hence BBS course becomes a lot easier and achieve.
  • Direct enrollment to Kathmandu Merryland College.
  • Descriptive classes on a regular basis.
  • Mock tests, Internal tests, Revision classes before final exams.
  • Assistance in Final Project Work (Fourth Year).
  • Affordable study packages.

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