Vision, Mission and Value Statement

Our Vision

NCA seeks to grasp the ability of awaiting future trends by precisely deriving the existing facts, and infusing them to the current education system.

So far, we are and we shall continue to thrive in becoming Nepal’s No. 1 ACCA management school.

Our Mission

NCA’s sole mission is to produce global leaders in the profession by;

  • Inspiring passion and empowering them with knowledge & supportive learning environment.
  • Providing opportunities to openly access people of ability.
  • Delivering innovative and career- centric programs.
  • Offering the right combination of practical on-hand experience, academic experience & educating ambitious people to take career advances.
  • Supporting highest ethical, professional standards and governance.
  • Developing professionally enriched candidates who are instrumental in fueling economic growth.
  • Fostering comprehensive and enriching extra-circular activities programs.
  • Increasing career development supports for staff, students and faculty through career exploration.
  • Collaborating with Financial Institutions for internship & job placements.
  • Conduct student development programs & services, allowing students to identify career and educational growth, obtain personal & intellectual growth, develop necessary skills and set realistic career path.

Our Value Statement

NCA is highly engaged in the process of community reflection, that leads us to heighten and recognize the articulated value-statement of our institute. What we duly practice are;

  • Emphasize the needs of students and stakeholders.
  • Continuously measure and refine programs, services, policies, and systems.
  • Create new learning process to meet identified needs.
  • Promote trust through fair treatment and professional courtesy.
  • Support and address students and employee contributions.
  • Exhibit quality in programs, staffing, services, and facilities.
  • Exceed stakeholders and student’s expectations.
  • Encourage faculty collaboration.
  • Demonstrate social and fiscal responsibility.
  • Implement learning techniques that integrate diversified subjects.
  • Appreciate, recognize and celebrate the strength of education diversity.

We are keen on driving the career pathway of every candidate towards professional excellence at par!

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of Management

“NCA is Nepal’s first ACCA institute securing Gold Standard Approved Learning Partner (ALP-ST) of the ACCA with accredited recognition (2010)”.

We are a private educational institution dedicated to preparing students for a much more rewarding career.


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