Aashish Karki, Financial Analyst at Al Futtaim Group

I have now doubt about NCA’s quality when it comes to ACCA’s curriculum. In addition to ACCA, I believe NCA could play additional roles in shaping aspiring ACCA members by extending on other aspects other than core ACCA studies for interested candidates. Especially an accountant having programming skills, is greatly valued by recruiters. Few suggestions that I could think of that could greatly aid value to NCA students would be to organize boot camps and provide courses to interested candidates on Excel VBAs, Data Science and/or basic programming concepts.



Aastha Gautam FCCA, Accountant, Taft Companies, USA

From attending ACCA seminar to providing tuition and conducting mock exams, NCA has provided a profound accounting knowledge for me and helped a lot in boosting up my career. Since I was from science background, I had no prior accounting knowledge. I got a very good direction to start from CAT (Certified Accounting Technician) through seminar held by NCA and interaction with prior students. I owe much of my success as an ACCA member to NCA team as they not only helped in giving insights of the examinations but also made us confident by allowing us to sit for the mock exams held ahead of ACCA exams. I met many friends and seniors during my classes and when I think of having fun, I still remember the picnics organized by NCA. My favorite memory outside of NCA classes was 3-day trip to Pokhara organized by my friends and few teachers and having a strong bonding with all thereafter.


Bishal Pantha, FCCA, Head Budgeting Strategy, MIS & Performance Review, Jyoti Bikash Bank

Regarding my journey with NCA, I found a very cordial learning environment over there where we would not hesitate to place our queries with the teachers who were very supportive and very keen to reach and address our issues as soon as possible. One thing I still remember about NCA is the never-say-die attitude I learned from our mentors there which has always helped me in every stage of my career. I also cherish the bond with my mentors/teachers there forever.