Krish Koju
Joining ACCA at NCA College has been my best decision. NCA College is Nepal's leading gold approved learning partner of ACCA. The complexities of the course …
Insha Shrestha
My journey of ACCA started here at NCA and I believe I could not have made any better choice than this. The support, guidance and encouragement this institute …
Srijana Lamichhane
Starting something with challenges builds strength while ending it with a success story inspires perseverance. As a science student, I thought it would be …
Dennis Sherpa
NCA is my second home. I have built great relationships with my classmates, teachers, and staff. Being at NCA has been an amazing experience for me that has …
Manoj Ale Magar
Choosing ACCA was the best decision I took for my career and joining NCA made it even better. Selecting NCA as a learning partner has helped me reach a step …
Bikalpa Dhakal
ACCA is a professional course and it requires in-depth knowledge of the subject matter. I found NCA as the college that suits me and my way of learning. The …
Prativa Poudel
Choosing NCA as a guide for my path was the best decision I could have ever made. As a science student, I thought I would struggle to cope with the new world …
Seema Dhega
NCA is the ace learning provider of ACCA in Nepal. Being a student here for a year now, I believe that is a great place to begin your qualification with. I am …
Nikhil Amatya
NCA provided the best possible environment for me to focus on my study and goals. All the teachers and staff here are always motivated to provide the best …
Swastika Timsina
The supportive faculty and logistics here at NCA gave me a head start for beginning my ACCA qualification. The course itself is diverse and vast which …
Jenisha Shrestha
Effective learning is mainly emphasized by the facilitators here at NCA. With the availability of sufficient resources along with the warm and welcoming …
Rashmita Sapkota
A professional learning requires consistent practice. As an ACCA student, you must be productive, familiar with the current changing situation, adapt to the …
Abhishek Bhattarai
NCA is the pioneer institution of ACCA in Nepal. With the help of it’s ambitious faculty, abundant resources and support, I was able to be a qualified member …
Kaustuv Dhungel
hoosing NCA College of management has been one of my best decisions in my life. From the first day of the college I never had a second thought about my …
Aaradhya Sharma
Joining the ACCA programs at NCA has not only shown me sea of opportunities as a finance professional, but also broadened my exposure to modern business …
Barsha Parajuli
Choosing the right college can be a daunting task and I think I have made the right decision joining NCA. NCA has provided me with the platform, support and …
Abhisek Poudel
Choosing a Learning Provider can be daunting. But here’s the thing, one choice you make probably doesn’t matter in the long run. What does matter is …
Anish Basnet
NCA College gives you the right environment to excel in ACCA. Talented & hardworking faculties along with excellent management make NCA the best choice if you …
Shraddha Bhattarai
I feel really fortunate for the fact that i found the right college and the best course for me just at the right time. Here at NCA, the teachers, staffs and …
Anuska Neupane
Studying ACCA at NCA has been one of my best decisions so far. NCA provides its students with ample resources and experienced faculty. Clear instructions and …
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“NCA is Nepal’s first ACCA institute securing Gold Standard Approved Learning Partner (ALP-ST) of the ACCA with accredited recognition (2010)”.

We are a private educational institution dedicated to preparing students for a much more rewarding career.


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