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August 10, 2021
Last updated August 03, 2022

About the ACCA

The ‘Chartered Certified Accountants’ qualification offered by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, U.K. is a globally leading qualification in the area of Accounting and Finance. The course is offered by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, U.K. which was established in 1904. ACCA’s head office is in London and its administrative office is in Glasgow. ACCA has a wide network and branch offices across the globe to support its students, members, approved learning partners, approved employers, accounting and finance professionals at large. ACCA is the largest professional accounting body having its offices and exam center in 179 countries. It has more than 500,000 students, who are currently pursuing ACCA. ACCA works for the public interest and ensures that its members have up-to-date knowledge and skills required throughout. ACCA actively enhances the value of good governance through proper accounting and finance practices. The ACCA graduates are working in a wide range of economic markets. Many members pursue to be self-employed starting their accounting firm and while others chose to work in the service industry (such as banks, insurance, hospitality sector) manufacturing, government, non-government services including in multinational companies and firms.   

The key features of the course

ACCA is the founder member of the International Federations of Accountants, the apex global body for the accounting profession. The courses under ACCA, are regularly revised and updated considering the new development in the auditing, governance, and the economic market. New students enrolling to pursue ACCA will need to pass 13 exam papers. Students are required to complete the ethics and professional skills module and require 3 years of relevant professional work experience to become Chartered Certified Accountant, ACCA. Students can enroll in the course from anywhere in the world and give the exam at their convenience from any exam center across the world.

ACCA has several Memorandum of Understanding and Mutual Recognition Agreement signed with member bodies and with Universities in many countries of Asia, Australia, Europe, Africa, and South America. This enables statutory and market recognition of ACCA as a qualification across the globe. 

NCA College of Management (NCA®) and ACCA

ACCA has already created a long history in the Nepalese accounting and finance market. For the past two decades, ACCA has had an active presence in the country. In the very early days, before the year 2001, many Nepalese students took ACCA courses studying in the United Kingdom and other countries of Europe. After 2001, the senior members who returned home after completing their ACCA course have started supporting Nepalese students to study ACCA in the country by providing handholding support to ACCA students so that students get a world-class qualification at an affordable price at their own place. With this motive, NCA® College of Management was established with the dedication and contribution of senior members. NCA® is the first gold status college accredited by the ACCA for its quality and excellence in education. It has gained excellent pass rates which are always above the global average pass percentage. NCA® is the leading learning partner and tuition provider of ACCA in Nepal recognized by the Government of Nepal as well. By 2021, NCA has supported more than 5,000 students for their ACCA study. Above 200 students have graduated from NCA as ACCA affiliates and members. NCA is renowned nationally and internationally for its holistic quality and affordable professional education. The government of Nepal has partnered for providing ACCA education to selected senior officials of the Government of Nepal, who are currently pursuing their ACCA course with NCA.

Additional Support Provided by NCA to ACCA student

In addition to providing standard ACCA tuition classes, NCA provides handholding support to the students and graduates to position themselves in the employment market. NCA® has several Memorandum of Understanding with various organizations including prospective employers and auditing firms. NCA supports its students for an internship before qualification and links them to the employment post qualification. The soft skills including interpersonal communication and leadership skills are part and partial of the ACCA course while studying with NCA®. With these robust technical skills and soft skills, NCA graduates are the market leader in the accounting and finance sector in the country. The graduates from NCA are currently working in a wide range of sectors such as audit firms, banks, insurances, manufacturing industries, national and international governmental and non-governmental organizations, bi-lateral and multilateral organizations including Asian Development Bank, the World Bank, embassies, the United Nations Offices, etc. The NCA graduates having ACCA qualification has gained a wide range of market recognition with these organizations and currently leading in the accounting and finance sectors. Many of the ACCA graduates have successfully pursued their own enterprise, businesses, and providing accounting professional services.

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“NCA is Nepal’s first ACCA institute securing Gold Standard Approved Learning Partner (ALP-ST) of the ACCA with accredited recognition (2010)”.

We are a private educational institution dedicated to preparing students for a much more rewarding career.


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