ACCA at NCA College of Management

October 03, 2021
Last updated October 31, 2022
ACCA at NCA College of Management

ACCA or the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants is a worldwide recognized institution that is a network of individuals from around the globe with careers in accounting, taxation, auditing, valuation, treasury management, so on and so forth. The global body has educational institutions around the world that regulate educational certification, which enables individuals to be a part of the network. NCA College of Management is the first ACCA College in Nepal established in 2004, located in Battisputali, which offers this certification recognized worldwide. The institute was approved by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MoEST) in Nepal and was awarded the ACCA’s first approved learning partner with gold status in 2010. ACCA gold status is only awarded to institutes that successfully attain highly set performance standards and formally develop and deliver ACCA syllabus in every mode. For aspiring Nepali students who want a career in finance and accounting approved globally, the ACCA qualification offered by NCA is a promising option.

ACCA is internationally recognized. It is based on international accounting standards, making it a global professional accountancy qualification. Since ACCA is recognized in more than 100 countries, the graduates can enjoy a fulfilling career from any corner of the world. Because it is linked to top employers, ACCA ensures that the students have ample job opportunities. However, since it is a global certification, the competition is also at a global scale. In preparing the individuals to meet the expectation of the global finance market and professional bodies that employ ACCA-certified professionals, NCA is a trusted name that provides international quality guidance.

The widely popular feature of the qualification is its flexibility. ACCA offers an entirely flexible approach to learning with options to study full-time or part-time around the world. ACCA can often be pursued along with a regular job. There is also flexibility in terms of the examination schedules. There are four sittings in an exam, and you can give it in any corner of the world in any order that you choose. Not exceeding the period of 10 years, students will have enough time and flexibility to work at their own pace in line with their other commitments. NCA ensures that the flexibility of the course does not misguide students’ hopes and aspirations. The college is there to look out for students’ dilemmas and counsel them accordingly. With the wide scope in the field, it can often get overwhelming, and sometimes a little expertise is all one needs. NCA is the most trusted name in providing that expertise.

ACCA qualification offers a wide range of opportunities. The course is designed as such to provide students with practical experience in the field of accounting and finance. ACCA can offer students a platter of career choices from taxation to marketing to audit and knowledge on stock market trades.

With global opportunities comes huge commitments required of the students pursuing the qualification. While ACCA is a promising and globally recognized degree, it is also equally rigorous and taxing. Huge commitment and diligence are required on the part of students. NCA is a facilitating institution that boasts a very productive environment for students to grow and learn. It is dedicated to providing the best resources for students to be able to commit to ACCA qualification.

NCA has over 15+ years of experience in delivering ACCA/FIA and other professional body courses. They are also pioneers in acquiring the license for conducting Computer Based Examinations (CBE). With a convenient & peaceful location, NCA College of Management can be an ideal place to fulfill professional and academic goals. NCA is a private educational institution dedicated to preparing students for a much more rewarding career. Therefore, NCA has a panel of tutors holding industrial experience and professional qualifications.\ The Alumni of NCA so far have embarked on their profession with renowned organizations such as World Bank, International Monetary Fund (IMF), Asian Development Bank (ADB), United Nations (UN), Chaudhary Group (CG), Dabur Nepal, and many more.

Their teaching methodology includes advanced technology, streamlined learning material, gold medalist faculty, and structured programs determined to provide a valuable educational experience. All of NCA’s exam preparation courses are framed under a centric approach, where individuals get to experience a combination of lectures, preparatory exam sessions, and revision classes. Their student-centric approach allows students to explore their passion and be guided by them in any sector within finance and accounting. All in all, NCA promises a wholesome ACCA experience.

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“NCA is Nepal’s first ACCA institute securing Gold Standard Approved Learning Partner (ALP-ST) of the ACCA with accredited recognition (2010)”.

We are a private educational institution dedicated to preparing students for a much more rewarding career.


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