ACCA vs CIMA: Which is better? Find out !

January 17, 2021
Last updated August 18, 2022

An inquiry we’re regularly posed is the cost of expert bookkeeping tests, for example, ACCA and CIMA and how it will profit somebody’s vocation and possible compensation. We investigate these inquiries in this new blog.

In case you’re attempting to choose which tests to take, you’re presumably pondering:

What amount do proficient bookkeeping tests cost?

What will my compensation be once I pass?

What jobs would I be able to get with my certificate?

To assist you with choosing which tests will help you arrive at your professional objectives, we’ve separated expenses, compensations, and open positions between the ACCA and CIMA certificates.

CIMA Exam Costs

CIMA test charges differ by topographical area. There are three gatherings or levels that you may fall into. We’ve evaluated from Tier 1, which incorporates the UK, US, China, and Singapore, which is just the beginning of our motivations.

These expenses incorporate the evaluation to sit for both the CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting and Professional Qualifications. Note that we’ve expected it will require five years to finish the CIMA tests.

  • One-off understudy enlistment: £77
  • Yearly understudy membership for a very long time (year one is remembered for enlistment): £480
  • Testament in Business Accounting tests (4 tests): £95 each
  • Operational level target tests (3 tests): £110 each
  • Operational level contextual analysis test: £185
  • The executives level article tests (3 tests): £125
  • The executives level contextual analysis test: £190
  • Fundamental level target tests (3 tests): £175
  • Vital level contextual analysis test: £275
  • All out Exam Cost: £2,260
  • All out cost including membership prerequisites for a very long time: £2,817

ACCA Exam Costs

ACCA test expenses are more complex to make sure about than CIMA test charges. ACCA tests differ in cost contingent upon which test it is, the point at which you sit it, and when you enter.

To get the least expensive costs, pursue your tests early and pick the test window whenever the situation allows. Note that we’ve accepted it will require five years to finish the ACCA tests.

Here’s a breakdown of the expense:

  • Once enlistment charge: £79
  • Yearly membership expense: £112 per annum
  • Applied Skills test expenses (6 tests): £103-307 each
  • Vital Professional Essentials (Business Leader) test expenses (1 trial): £180-321
  • Necessary Professional Essentials (Business Reporting) test expenses (1 test): £129-350
  • Vital Professional Options test expenses (4 tests): £129-350 each
  • Morals and Professional Skills Module: £78
  • All out test costs (barring Applied Knowledge): £1,521-3,991
  • Absolute expense including membership necessities for a very long time: £2,160-4,630

Note : That you will likewise have to take the Applied Knowledge tests. Those are accessible on request at your nearby CBE Center and will fluctuate in cost by area.

Pay rates for CIMA and ACCA Professionals

The expenses for CIMA and ACCA tests are equivalent, particularly if you can join early.

What can experts with every certificate hope to procure in the wake of finishing the tests?

Pay rates fluctuate by area and experience level. Since you’ve breezed through your tests doesn’t mean you can hope to increase your pay for the time being significantly.

Nonetheless, experts with extra affirmations can hope to bring in more cash all through their vocations.

ACCA Salaries

Pay rates for ACCA experts range contingent upon their experience. Here are the compensations of bookkeepers in London:

  • Unfit Accountant Salary: £24,000
  • Part-Qualified Accountants Salary: £31,000
  • Recently Qualified ACCA Salary: £35,000-42,000
  • Experienced ACCA Accountant Salary: £60,600-97,400 

CIMA Salaries

Recently qualified CIMA experts can procure between £50,000-55,000 every year in London. Be that as it may, your compensation relies upon your work.

Jobs that are more operational procure a normal of £31,000. When you venture into the board jobs, you can procure £46,000-129,000 every year.

Honestly, both CIMA and ACCA capabilities can put you on a track to make money. Rather than taking a gander at the compensation potential for every, you can assess which sort of job you’d appreciate most !

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