Estimated Cost of ACCA Qualification in Nepal

July 25, 2021
Last updated April 16, 2023

Founded on 30th November 1904, the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants – ACCA is a widely renowned global body for professional accountants. By increasing its influence in the accounting profession worldwide, ACCA is the world’s most forward-thinking professional accounting body. Currently, there are more than 233,000 fully qualified members and 536,000 future members who are pursuing ACCA. The ACCA Nepal office is located in Trade Tower, Thapathali which handles promotional activities and student affairs with the combined effort from the fellow ALPs in the country.

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nepal (ICAN), on the other hand, is the regulator of the accounting profession in the context of Nepal. The autonomous body was established in 1997 and had started to offer chartered accountancy (CA) courses in Nepal since 1999 and conducted the first CA examination in 2000. 

‘COST’ for completing the course is the most conventional question amongst the students who have successfully completed or are appearing their grade XII exams (NEB, A-Levels & CBSC). In order to address these questions and to provide a reliable estimate of the cost, the following comparative chart has been constructed.

Cost Estimates

The fees payable to ACCA are published on their website and are revised on an annual basis. On the other hand, the admission fees and tuition fees depend upon your choice of the ALP that you are willing to study. An estimate for the costs to complete the ACCA qualification includes:

S.N. Particular Fees charged by College (In NPR) Fees charged by ACCA (In GBP £)
1. College admission Fees 15,000 -
2. ACCA Registration Fees - 45
3. Applied Knowledge Level  60,000 ( Tuition Fees) 327 (Exam Fees)
4. Applied Skill Level  90,000 (Tuition Fees) 785 (Exam Fees)
5. EPSM - 76
6. Strategic Professional Level 64,000 (Tuition Fees) 756 (Exam Fees)
7. Annual subscription fees - 196 (Subscription fees for two years)
  Total 229,000 2,185

Based on your preference for the college that you are willing to sign up for, the above figures could slightly differ, as an average has been taken to estimate the costs to be incurred. For pursuing the CA qualification from ICAN, the tentative prices are:

S.N. Particular Fees charged by College (In NPR) Fees charged by ICAN (In NPR)
1. College admission Fees 10,000
2. CAP – I Registration Fee - 30,000
3. CAP – II Registration Fee - 34,000
4. CAP – III Registration Fee - 40,000
5. CAP – I  Level  70,000 ( Tuition Fees) 3,000 (Exam Fees)
6. CAP- II Level  100,000 (Tuition Fees) 7,000 (Exam Fees)
7. CAP – III Level 80,000 (Tuition Fees) 8,000 (Exam Fees)
  Total 260,000 122,000

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