What next after achieving your ACCA certificate?

January 02, 2021
Last updated August 03, 2022

An ACCA capability can open numerous entryways and numerous chances. Yet, once finished, what would you be able to do straightaway? Other than celebrating. This blog records a portion of the alternatives accessible to qualified ACCA bookkeepers, so you feel more certain about your following stages:


You do have the aspirations to arrive at the top; seeking a graduate degree could be your ticket there. An MBA zero in additional on business perspectives and will probably land you a job like Chief Financial Officer or Senior Financial Analyst.

Then again, an MSC covers more maths, science, and innovation. The two alternatives can take you onto the board or expert jobs; however, one you pick relies upon your abilities and interests. Some colleges provide consolidated law and accounting degrees.

Remember that you’ll preferably need a couple of years’ functioning experience before moving onto levels like these.


Indeed, you can do CFA after ACCA! Sanctioned Financial Analyst status is universally perceived and typical for some bookkeepers who’ve finished an ACCA course. Expected parts for the individuals who have CFA ensured include Asset Management, Risk Management, Consulting, and Corporate Banking.

Become independently employed

The magnificence of a bookkeeping job is that you have the choice to deal with your terms. With an ACCA capability, enough experience, and some certainty, you’re allowed to go performance and work in a wide range of businesses throughout the planet. For more data, investigate our blog on turning into an independently employed bookkeeper.

Work in industry

Bookkeepers are consistently sought after, and once qualified, you have the opportunity to pick an organization and a job that suits you. Account specialists are required in a wide range of organizations. The average compensation for a partner or records assistant is around £23,000 per annum*. What’s more, with three to five years’ experience, you could procure up to £90,000 per annum.**

Here are only a portion of the positions you could hope to get with your ACCA capability:

  • The board Accountant
  • Monetary Accountant
  • Corporate Treasurer
  • Monetary Controller
  • Money Manager
  • Asset Accountant
  • Money Director
  • (CFO)
  • Legal Accountant
  • CFO
  • Inspector
  • Duty Specialist

As a whole ACCA part, you’ll have the option to incorporate the letters after your name, giving you full acknowledgment in 179 working nations. You’ll likewise approach a scope of CPD (proceeding with the proficient turn of events) materials to foster your abilities additionally.

Still uncertain? Weigh up your alternatives

choosing which course could be best for you, think about these three inquiries:

1. Where do you see yourself in 5 to 10 years?

Do you seek to begin your firm? Maybe you’re especially keen on turning into an inspector? The way you’ll have to take can contrast contingent upon where you need to be.

2. What are you inspired by?

Consider the centre bookkeeping jobs accessible, then, at that point, choose where you may have to widen your insight or upskill.

3. Would you like to investigate outside of the money business?

A few bookkeepers decide to attempt a business or the executive’s degree and move gradually up to more senior jobs. Rather than completing everyday positions, they’re probably going to be running a division or making significant decisions monetarily at the highest point of the business world.

Our best counsel is to explore your choices and track down the correct course for you. Watch out for the work market during your investigations and find what’s out there. If you don’t know, don’t stress as you do have the opportunity to inhale after considering. Ensure you feel optimistic about your subsequent stages, and you’ll have a unique possibility of accomplishment.

Get your ACCA capability with NCA College of Management!

At last, you’re allowed to foster your vocation much further – any way you need to. From proceeding with studies to acquiring work insight, you’ll have support as an ACCA part to take your abilities to a higher level. Remaining significant and keeping an upper hand will open much more entryways for you.

In case you’re now considering ACCA or need to begin, why not investigate our moderate memberships? We’re here to assist you with accomplishing your objectives your way.

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