NCA College Radiates Enthusiasm with Teej Celebrations

NCA College Radiates Enthusiasm with Teej Celebrations

Teej is indeed a significant festival that celebrates the strength, love, and sacrifice of women and suggests a broader theme of honoring and appreciating the contributions of women in various aspects of life. Such celebrations often serve as an opportunity to highlight the importance of women in society, acknowledging their resilience, love, and the sacrifices they make for the well-being of their families and communities

The dedication shown by students of NCA College of Management on 15th September, Friday, who stayed late at the college to prepare dances reflects their enthusiasm for this special day. The event included various activities such as decorating the college, collecting funds for food and beverages, and bidding farewell to Mr. Biraj Paudel, faculty of NCA making it a comprehensive and memorable celebration. The active participation of both girls and boys in organizing and performing in the event shows the unity and enthusiasm within the college despite their extreme ACCA exam preparation.

The success of the event is a testament to the students' hard work and commitment. Such celebrations not only foster a sense of community and unity among students but also contribute to a positive and engaging college environment.

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