NCA Holi Celebration 2023

NCA Holi Celebration 2023

NCA College recently celebrated Holi, the festival of colors with ACCA students. The event was a vibrant and joyful affair. The event was organized by the ECA Coordination Committee with cooperation of NCA administration and was attended by quite a good number of ACCA students as well as a few outsiders. 

The entry fee was kept at Rs.50 and the participants were provided with snacks, music, and of course a lot of colors. Students enjoyed smearing each other with holi colors and dancing to the beats of popular Holi songs.

Speaking about the event, we NCA Family wanted to give our students a taste of the rich cultural diversity that exists in our country. Holi is a festival that brings people together and we thought it would be a great way to promote inclusivity and cultural exchange.

However, due to the exam session some students were not able to attend the program. Nonetheless, the organizing team ensured that they did not miss out on the fun and sent them well wishes through messages and social media posts.

It was a beautiful experience where the students got the chance to celebrate despite their hectic schedule in preparing themselves for their exams. It was a day to remember.

NCA College of Management was founded by a team of finance enthusiasts and fellow ACCA members who were willing to contribute to fostering the ACCA qualification in Nepal. Being the first Approved Learning Partner – Gold in the country, NCA has its primary focus on expanding the horizon for young professionals through quality learning.

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“NCA is Nepal’s first ACCA institute securing Gold Standard Approved Learning Partner (ALP-ST) of the ACCA with accredited recognition (2010)”.

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